Your Path is There. Are You On It?

Forget about the deadlines…

“I’ll get married by this age, have kids by this age, graduate by this age, buy a house by this age” and on and on and on…

Life deadlines were a made up story someone somewhere along the way thought would be a great life compass… only that person didn’t understand the soul.

The soul knows… everything.

The soul knows its path, its purpose, the plan, the detours, and everything that happens in between. Your soul is so equipped to get you to your place of greatest power, joy, and love.

There’s only one snafu to that…

You have to choose to BE on the path.

And that’s where most of us get stuck. We spend years trying to ‘figure it out’: our purpose, our calling, our path, our way, who should be traveling with us, who we should be leaving behind and it’s no wonder that we spend 40 years in the wilderness asking all of these ‘Why’ questions but we aren’t getting to the business of the present-moment living of the Who…

So it’s time to stop that.

Let’s get clear on your path right here, right now. No more waiting, debating or second-guessing.

Here’s the deal about your path:

1. You choose your path… EVERY bit of it.

Where you are right now is exactly where your choices, decisions, actions and inaction have brought you. No more, no less. It doesn’t matter who did what and when. You response to those experiences played a far greater role than anything anybody else did… and that’s tough to read when you’ve been through traumatic things.

There’s a lot that happens in life that you didn’t ask for. I get it.

However, you can never rewrite your life story playing the victim. You don’t control others but you do control your response to everything in your life. Your path is yours to decide and you always choosing what path you’re on. Own that…

2. You create your path… ALL of it.

Your path isn’t what ‘happens’ to you. It’s what you create and we are always creating (whether you’re aware of it or not). And… we’re always co-creating with others so pay attention to who you’re hanging with. Who are you co-creating with? What are you co-creating? Are you spending most of your life bitching and gossiping or are you happening to life, wishing others the best, focusing on what’s working on your life and spending every waking moment living life to the fullest? Which side of life are you on?

Be on your own side please…

3. Only you can live your path… nobody can keep you from it or lead you to it.

Nobody is responsible for you not living your path. You chose that. No one can lead you to your path. I’m an awesome coach… awesome but if you have more fear than faith, if you have more trust in what you’ve settled for than in believing in what you truly deserve, there is no amount of awesome coaching that’s going to lead you to your true path. Stop paying coaches, taking courses and doing ‘the work’ to try to get there. You ARE the deciding factor and if you aren’t willing to create and go on your path, no one can make you do it.

4. You decide when you change your path… and how long it takes you to do so.

Change can happen in an instant. Decisions decide destiny. Nothing about your current path needs to stay at all the same. In this very moment, you can literally change everything! And, yet, most people won’t take hold and do that… but! You’ll eat pizza for two weeks straight and then wonder why your jeans don’t fit and you’re wearing sweatpants in the middle of summer.

Here’s the thing: the same way you have the power to change your path in the downward spiral, negative direction, you have the power to change your path in the upward, all joy, all abundance super positive direction. And it doesn’t have to take 10 years. You can change all of it starting right now. You choose…

Now all of the above, at this moment, when you review your life and realize how many of these decisions you made unconsciously, subconsciously and badly, might cause you to have a minor nervous breakdown… Stop right there.

Guilt for a past you cannot change is a total and complete waste of time.

So what do you do now? (Hint: All the power is in the NOW)

Here are 3 steps to powerfully create your path from this moment forward:

Step #1: Own that you ARE the deciding factor.

This is harder than it looks.

Step #1 means:

  • no more playing the victim
  • no more making excuses
  • no more playing the blame/shame/guilt game
  • no more focus on scarcity and lack and limiting beliefs (again, all up to you)

Step #1 means, from this moment forward, there is nothing and no one outside of you that is responsible for how you feel, think, and experience every present moment experience. NO ONE… You ARE the power in your world… and, at first, that feels awesome.

“I’m the power…”

And then you start to observe your powerful self and see just how much miscreating you do throughout the day and then you say to yourself, “Maybe I don’t want to be the power…” Only you are and that isn’t changing so own it. From this moment forward, you create EVERYTHING you experience in your life. Once you own this truth, you’ll handle your moment-by-moment creations with much more care.

Step #2: Decide what path you want to be on.

Do you want to stay in the career you’re currently in? If not, where would you rather be? Write a one page (no more than ONE page) plan on what you’d need to do to get there.

Do you want to stay in your current relationship? If yes, create a plan to make it better. If no, create an exit strategy and work your way out.

Do you want to start a business? Write a list of your greatest talents and gifts, ask yourself “Which one would I have the most fun using AND make the most impact helping others with?” and start the business today. Forget a business plan. Get started today.

Do you want to get into the best shape of your life? Forget about a diet. Start moving your body in some way, shape or form every day for the next 66 days for a minimum of 15 minutes and build from there. You’ll be guided to the next step. Remember: No extremes. Focus on consistent, daily massive action.

Bottom line: You can’t create a path you haven’t decided to embark on.

Step #3: Enjoy living the path and DO NOT turn back.

Every path leads you to the next path so you never have to ask “Is this the right path?” If it is, it will continue. If it’s not, your intuition will speak, life will shift and you’ll have to change things. But… a lot of people live the path and never enjoy it. They go through it like little kids do their chores: I don’t wanna but I gotta…

The Universe doesn’t respond to grumpiness.

Joy, joy, joy… ease, ease, ease… passion, passion, passion… and, most of all, fun, fun, fun! Have fun with each new path. Find ways to feel amazing in your own skin. Stop waiting to ‘become’ something else. You are everything and all things right here and right now.

Get down with life and feel the love of living it and EVERYTHING ELSE will unfold beautifully.

The problem: we spend way too much time getting in our own way.

FINAL POINT: Get the hell out of your own way and be the powerful Creator you are. You create your path. Create it…


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