You will spend 90,000 hours of your lifetime at work. Are you happy?

And here’s the real question:

Are you happy at the one place you are spending most of your life?

So here’s the next question:

Why are so many people choosing to live like this?

And absolutely untrue.

1 Take ownership for where you are.

2 Decide where you’d rather be.

3 Get an ounce of courage and believe in yourself COMPLETELY.

4 Create the one page plan to get to your destination.

5 Take immediate action.

6 Quit EVERY excuse.

7 Shut out the haters, the Jones and the unsolicited advisers.

8 Work your ass off UNTIL you get to where you want to go.

9 Be ready for the end at any moment it comes.

10 NEVER AGAIN put your future in the hands of ONE person who can ruin your life.

Want to escape the corporate rat race and create your own lane?



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Kassandra Vaughn

Kassandra Vaughn

* Mindset Coach | Reinvention Teacher * On a mission to help people learn the art and science of rebuilding their minds so they can reinvent their lives.