You Want the Goal. But, Are You Ready to Sustain the Outcome?

Kassandra Vaughn
4 min readNov 5, 2023

Think about the big goals you’ve set for yourself…

Have you assessed what it will take to get there? Have you created a plan for achieving the goal? Have you mapped out the milestones to achievement of this goal?

In most cases, people would say “Yes! I have a plan. I know what’s next. And I know what I need to do to get there.”

Now… Let me ask you one more question about your goal:

Have you assessed your goal’s aftermath?

In other words, have you asked and answered the question: Once I achieve the goal, what will be required of me, on a consistent basis, to sustain what I’ve achieved?

After all, your goal might be to lose fifty pounds and you put all of your attention on dropping the weight… and you do… but how do you keep the weight off? And have you developed a plan that goes beyond the actual weight loss? The aftermath is not about “Can I achieve the thing?” but “Can I sustain the achievement for the long term?”

And that’s where a lot of people get stuck.

Whether it’s buying your dream home or starting a business, it’s one thing to achieve the goal; it’s quite another to sustain the achievement… and both have to be considered BEFORE you commit to going after the goal.

That is why you’ll hear the cliche that says “It’s not about the goal; it’s about who you have to become in order to achieve it.” But, even in that cliche, there’s a piece missing.

What if the person you need to become to achieve the goal isn’t the same person you need to be to sustain it?

What if the version of you who’s capable of sustaining the goal requires you become much more than the version of you required to get the goal in the first place?

Confusing, yes but here’s the reality:

When deciding what goals to pursue, you need to ask yourself “Am I ready and equipped to both attain AND sustain the goal I want to go for?”



Kassandra Vaughn

* Mindset Coach | Author | Soon-to-be Therapist * On a mission to help women 30 and above rebuild their self-worth & reclaim their power.