Who’s Holding Space For You?

Kassandra Vaughn
2 min readJan 28, 2023

The epidemic of loneliness in the world is real… and frightening…

Never before have we lived in a world where we have the most digital access and the least personal connection. You get a front row seat at the curated lives of people you went to grade school with and, yet, you may have no clue what emotional battles your closest siblings are fighting through.

You watch IG reels learning how to make sumptuous meals from from famous TV chefs… and, yet, in real life you’re so consumed by time spent on YouTube and Tik Tok that you can’t remember the last time you cooked a real meal.

We are living in a world big on how a life ‘looks’ and ever so tiny on how that life actually ‘feels’… and then we wonder why people suffer in silence, why people give up on themselves, on their dreams, and even on life itself.

We forget that “It takes a village” is a REAL TRUTH that cannot be ignored… and the success of our planet depends on our collective ability to return to that way of living.

So the question then becomes “Who’s holding space for you?”

Who can you call at 3 o’clock in the morning when you can’t sleep because life has you stressed or a breakup has you in tears? Who can you text at all hours of the day and night to celebrate your small (or big) wins, to share your new ideas, or to ask for advice about taking some major life risks?

Who knows you well enough and cares deeply enough to hold space for your greatness when you forget all that you are capable of?

Who’s holding space for YOU… the REAL you, the most powerful you, the Future you?

While we live in a self-centered world that says “You don’t need anybody! Pick yourself up by your bootstraps and make it happen!”, we have to grapple with the fact that this rugged individualism hasn’t truly worked for ANYONE… and it’s time to move into a new way of being with ourselves and with each other.

And you don’t have to solve the world problem of connection by yourself. You can, however, add to the solution by answering the question for yourself: Who’s holding space for me?

If your answer is “No one”, guess what comes next?

Time to get out of your shell and begin the work of cultivating new relationships with like minded people who will not only hold space for your dreams but will challenge you to rise up to them in moments when you feel like you have no ability to move forward.

There are plenty of people who would LOVE to hold space for you. It’s up to you to be open to them…



Kassandra Vaughn

* Mindset Coach | Author | Soon-to-be Therapist * On a mission to help women 30 and above rebuild their self-worth & reclaim their power.