The One Question Most People Are Afraid to Answer…

Empowered questions lead to empowered answers.

The quality of the questions we ask results in the quality of answers we receive… and then we get a very important choice to make:

Will I (or won’t I) live the answers to the questions I’ve been asking?

And it is that question that prevents MANY people from asking one of the most important, life altering questions available:

What do I REALLY want?

Seems like a simple question… except it’s not.

Within this one question is every limiting belief, every victim story, every past hurt or disappointment, every fear, every doubt and every lie you’ve ever told or lived.

Most people don’t ask themselves this question.


Because it hurts too much to do so…

Why ask a question that you don’t believe you can live the answer to?

Why ask a question that you’re afraid you won’t have the ability to experience?

Why ask a question that has burned you every time you answered it and attempted to create it?

Why ask for clarity on experiences, relationships and ideas that, deep down, you believe you will NEVER have?

Why even bother?

So, after a lot of disappointments, failure, and loss, people stop asking themselves this eternally powerful question. They don’t even ask anymore. Instead, they ask really disempowering questions such as:

What am I willing to put up with?

How much can I take?

What am I willing to settle for?

How can I make it through this?

How can I just accept the cards I’ve been dealt?

How can I swallow shit and make myself belief it’s enough?

And then living stops.

The person asking the above questions decided to die a long time ago… only their bodies are still alive. They’re surviving, not really living and they find that easier to live than to experience the highs and lows of wanting and losing only to crash and burn again and again.

A lot of people choose survival because you can always count on survival to be exactly what it is: minimal, mediocre and mute.

When you’re surviving, you don’t have to worry about heartbreak or failure or loss. You’ve already lost everything that ever meant anything to you. Survival means living in the numb zone and numb, to people who’ve been hurt too much, is more appealing than taking another risk… and breaking once again.

Only here’s the problem: you may stop seeking the eternal question but the question never stops seeking you. It never leaves the inner recesses of your soul and your soul keeps answering, even if you do nothing to notice, listen or heed it.

So what’s a person to do… when nothing in life is working out and, yet, they don’t dare ask the one question that could transform their entire lives for the better?

You ask the question again.

You go again.

You choose to have faith again.

You believe again.

You know that you can handle failure again.

You know that you are strong enough to process loss again.

You know that love and light and living are worth anything you have to lose in the process.

And you ask the question again.

Only this time… you answer BIGGER. You give yourself more time to think through the question. You allow yourself the space to dream and love and desire and hope and visualize because this is YOUR life and if you’re going to go down in a blaze of glory, you’d rather do it hoping, wishing, wanting and dreaming of the life you REALLY want than living in the death of every dream you ever had that never came to fruition.

Spend half a day at some point this week asking yourself the one question that can transform your entire life:

What is it that I REALLY want?

Look around at your life and observe what represents your answer and all of the things that don’t represent your answer.

Decide what actions you need to take to move closer to all that you REALLY want.

Give yourself permission to live, REALLY live.

Give yourself permission to fail and fail fast.

But don’t do ANYTHING until you fully ask and fully answer the question you’ve been avoiding for years.

What do I REALLY want?

And here’s the thing: you already have all the answers.

You simply have to be willing to hear, heed and follow up with inspired action.

Don’t lose heart. Lazarus rose from the dead.

So too can you…


Want to take massive daily action… even in the presence of fear, doubt and shame?

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* Mindset Coach | Reinvention Teacher * On a mission to help people learn the art and science of rebuilding their minds so they can reinvent their lives.

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Kassandra Vaughn

Kassandra Vaughn

* Mindset Coach | Reinvention Teacher * On a mission to help people learn the art and science of rebuilding their minds so they can reinvent their lives.

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