Is Your Life Working For You?

Kassandra Vaughn
3 min readMar 1

Is your life working for you?

It’s a question few people ask on a regular basis… and one even those who ask have a really difficult time answering. As a coach, I ask my clients a lot of challenging questions. Sometimes, I ask things like “Who would you have to become to have the life you want?” or “What’s getting in the way?” or “What keeps you sabotaging you?” These aren’t easy questions to answer but they are necessary things to consider.

And, when we consider the idea of whether life is or is not working for us, so many questions bubble to the service:

What does life working for me look like?

Should life be working for me all of the time or some of the time?

Is ‘life working’ about things being okay, good, great? Or is ‘fine’ enough?

Is life truly working for anyone?

And the analysis paralysis begins…

And here’s the thing I want you to consider:

You know whether or not life’s working for you by how your life feels…

Read that again.

When your life is working in a way that’s congruent with who you really are, life feels good. Not necessarily comfortable but definitely satisfying. Life feels full and engaging and, at times, exciting… and even the boring moments have fulfillment embedded in them.

And you might be saying to yourself “But, who really lives that way all of the time?”

That is exactly the problem in today’s world.

Most people believe that living a satisfying life is not possible… and then they don’t intentionally create that life because they don’t believe they can do that.

So it’s time to change our belief about the possibilities related to the quality of our lives.

Stop and ask yourself “Is my life working for me?”

Take some time and reflect on the following questions:

When my life is flowing and filled with joy, peace, and satisfaction, what am I doing? What am I working on? How do I wake up? How do I go to bed?

Kassandra Vaughn

* Mindset Coach | Author | Soon-to-be Therapist * On a mission to help women 30 and above rebuild their self-worth & reclaim their power.