How to Stop Letting Yourself Off the Hook

See the problem with that situation?

How do you stop letting yourself off the hook?

1 Tell yourself the truth about why you do it

  • there’s a solid payoff to letting yourself off the hook (figure out what that payoff is and make sure the payoff for achieving your goal, in your mind, is WAY higher than the payoff for slacking off)
  • you’re surrounded by others who have comfort zone living as a norm; they don’t want more and you like hanging out with them so you join their mediocrity by staying on their level and, yes, you have friends but do you really have a life? Think about it…
  • You achieved a certain level of success and fell asleep at the wheel of life. Now, you can wait for a catastrophe or serious setback to happen so you can wake up… OR you can wake yourself up right now, right here without life having to punch you in the gut. You choose…

2 Force yourself to make a non-negotiable, unwavering decision

3 Give self-discipline a new name


Self-discipline is the cost of entry to any dream you have.

4 Forget about your fear; focus on your training

5 Be the hardest working person in the room EVERY day

6 Don’t stop until you get there

Your commitment to your purpose.

Ready to let go of your 9 to 5? Want to escape the corporate rat race and create your own lane?



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Kassandra Vaughn

Kassandra Vaughn

* Mindset Coach | Reinvention Teacher * On a mission to help people learn the art and science of rebuilding their minds so they can reinvent their lives.