How to Become Relentless

Kassandra Vaughn
4 min readJan 18, 2019


To achieve any major dream or goal, you have to be relentless.

What does relentless mean? Oppressively constant; incessant.

In other words, when you’re relentless, you don’t back down, give in, give up or accept less… and a lot of people don’t like the idea of being relentless because it isn’t ‘nice’, ‘compromising’, ‘considerate’ or ‘friendly.’

Here’s some news: you weren’t put on this earth to be ‘nice.’ You were put on this earth to fulfill your mission… and the fulfillment of any mission is going to require being relentless at some point in time.

So what does being relentless require?

3 things:

  1. You have to KNOW what you REALLY want.
  2. You have to believe (with every fiber of your being) that you can create that.
  3. You have to be willing to work for as long and as hard as it takes to get there. There can be no deadlines to your dream if you’re going to relentlessly pursue it.

Here’s the problem: We live in a world where people love to pretend that they’re relentless but, in all actuality, live on the side of being complacent. It doesn’t take much to fake relentless on Instagram, in a Facebook post or with a Snap. But true relentlessness comes from some serious commitment.

So how do you become relentless?

  1. Focus on achieving one BIG dream at a time. All of your attention, focus and heart has to be on that one BIG dream. Typically, it needs to be the dream that, once accomplished, makes achieving all of your other dreams easier to do.
  2. Put the daily massive action of that dream FIRST. It has to be the first thing you do in your day. It has to be the thing that takes up more time than anything else in your day. For example, you can’t convince me that you’re relentlessly focused on the dream of building a business when you spend 1 hour a night on the business. Guaranteed, if I looked at your schedule, you are spending MANY more hours each day on something else in your life. That is your relentless pursuit, not the business.
  3. Work on the dream EVERY SINGLE DAY. Frequency fuels relentlessness. The ability to, no matter what, work on your dream every single day keeps your momentum up, your focus on and your ability to produce solid.
  4. Know when to change strategy and do so quickly. Far too often, we refuse to give up a strategy that isn’t working. We see the end goal. We’re stuck on how we think we’re going to get there and we keep using the same ineffective strategy because that’s the way we want to get to the dream. If you’re going to be relentless, you cannot be married to any specific strategy. As soon as you see a strategy is not working, it’s time to re-evaluate the strategy, assess new ways of operating, and try something else… until you get to the right strategy for this phase of your dream achievement. Yes, you’ll be uncomfortable doing so. Yes, you might have to go through thirty strategies before you get to the one that works and, yes, it will all be worth it in the long run.
  5. Be the hardest working person in the room. Do more than you think you can do. Now… a lot of people will counter this by saying “What about burnout? What about exhaustion? What about not having time for my family?” This is where you have to be a ninja with time. There are 24 hours in a day and you don’t have to spend 20 of those hours working on your dream IF you know how to use your time wisely, how to schedule, batch and prioritize things on your calendar and how to get things done in the time you’ve allotted. You can be the hardest working person in the room when you schedule your day, stick to your schedule, and do the 2–3 things every day that GUARANTEE you efficiency and high performance. However, if you’re lolly gagging through your day, not scheduling the most important things first, not holding to the times you’ve scheduled and still hoping that you’ll achieve the dream, what you’re focused on is not a goal; it’s a wish and we all know how that goes.


Do the work without complaining or second guessing your ability to be relentless.

If your goal is to be at the top of your game, to be in the 3% of people who achieve massive success, you will not get there by being mediocre. Don’t pay attention to the efforts of people around you because most people live in their comfort zones and only give comfort zone level effort to most things they pursue in life. Focus on what the 3% are doing and match or exceed them in their doing of things. In time (and sometimes it takes a long time), you will be in that 3% group and you’ll wonder why you waited so long to be relentless enough to get there.

This is YOUR life. You hold the keys. Refuse to blame anyone else for the work you’re not doing today. Instead, DO THE WORK…





Kassandra Vaughn

* Mindset Coach | Author | Soon-to-be Therapist * On a mission to help women 30 and above rebuild their self-worth & reclaim their power.