Don’t Miss This Moment Waiting for the Next…

Kassandra Vaughn
4 min readNov 26, 2023

When you think back, how many seasons of your life have been spent impatient and waiting for the next season to arrive?

How often have you gotten three quarters of the way through a year… only to say to yourself “Hopefully, next year will be better…”?

How many present moment joys have you missed… all on account of hoping one day things would be better?

And how many future opportunities are you passing up by not fully engaging in the creation of that future by being FULLY present in the taking of action NOW?

And here’s where things get tricky…

Spending too much time in a past you can’t change or too much time in a possible future you hope will be different is an awesome way to escape the work and efforts you have to do in the here and now to A- leave the past behind and B- create the future that you want.

But, escaping life doesn’t change it… Only facing it does.

So how do you stop running from the present moment? And how do you start living in what is so you have the power to create what will be?

I’m no expert on being present and I work diligently to bring myself back to the present throughout every single day… and there are strategies I use to stop running from the present.

Here are the top 3 strategies I use to stay present:

1. I do mirror work DAILY…

If you haven’t read Louise L. Hay’s Mirror Work: 21 Days to Heal Your Life or her other book You Can Heal Your Life, you’ll want to grab those two and read them. From Louise’s work, I’ve learned the power of going into my bathroom every morning, looking myself in my own eyes, and repeating various affirmations.

And here’s why looking into your own eyes and saying affirmations works well (and works fast): When you look into your own eyes, you are facing your fears, your limiting beliefs, and everything that is holding you back. By repeating affirmations as you look into your own eyes, you are both uncovering what’s holding you back and replacing those limiting beliefs with new, empowering beliefs that will…



Kassandra Vaughn

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