DON’T Build a Coaching Business Until You‘ve Answered These 4 Questions

Kassandra Vaughn
6 min readOct 30, 2023

The coaching industry is an emerging and growing field that is finally hitting the stage where it’s becoming mainstream.

Up until a few years ago, the idea of an individual having a coach felt like a luxury known only to the chosen few. For many, it was a relationship that could only be had by the wealthy. In the same way that yoga was once this esoteric thing very few people did, coaching was in that same arena until the last five years.

In the last five years, corporations, health insurance providers and even colleges are beginning to see the value in every person having a coach… so much so that there are now endless opportunities for those wanting to enter the coaching industry to find their coaching niche and their clients, whether they work for a company as a coach or venture out on their own.

If you’re a coach (or aspiring coach) who’s decided to build your own coaching business, there’s a lot to think through and lot of decisions to make well before you sign up your first 1:1 coaching client.

And the biggest issue I see new coaches do a not-so-great job of managing isn’t the “Should I start a coaching business?”, it’s jumping head first into the business building before having clarity about 4 key issues that will determine the success or failure of the coaching business.

Let’s tackle the key issues by answering four important questions.

NOTE: Don’t build a coaching business until you’ve answered these four questions:

1. What is my coaching niche?

2. Who is my ideal coaching client avatar?

3. Can my ideal coaching client afford me?

4. What is my business model?

Let’s talk about each one.

1. What is my coaching niche?

Your coaching niche, or coaching specialty, identifies the type of coaching you offer. The more well defined the niche, the better you’re able to market and sell your coaching services to your ideal coaching client.



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