3 Ways to Get Unstuck and Refocus Your Business Attention

Four things:

1. Lack of vision

2. Lack of clarity

3. Lack of certainty

4. Lack of consistency

So how do you get unstuck and refocused?

3 things:

1. Accept where you are as a challenge

2. Listen to words of encouragement, faith and spirituality

What you allow in your head manifests in your life.

3. Ask yourself one question

What’s the next step to my Plan A?

Massive action in the now wins every time.

Ready to let go of your 9 to 5? Want to escape the corporate rat race and create your own lane?



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Kassandra Vaughn

Kassandra Vaughn

* Mindset Coach | Reinvention Teacher * On a mission to help people learn the art and science of rebuilding their minds so they can reinvent their lives.