3 Ways to Get Unstuck and Refocus Your Business Attention

Building a business has never been easier AND harder than it is today.

Technology, the internet and Google have made creating, building and growing an online business a straight forward, low cost process. No more needing thousands or millions of dollars in an ad budget, website build, store front, corporate offices, etc. You can now run everything from your home with the help of a laptop and a virtual assistant. No more wondering “How do I do this, this and this?” You can Google it, take a course at Udemy, CreativeLive, or Skillshare and become proficient at the things you need to learn.

Yes, anybody can build a business… so why are so many aspiring entrepreneurs getting stuck and finding it really hard to stay focused?

Four things:

1. Lack of vision

If you don’t have a clear vision of WHY you’re starting this business, who you’re serving, what makes you different from others doing the same thing, and why your tribe needs to work with you and receive transformation now, your vision will be hazy, your commitment will be short-lived and you’ll find it hard to keep the business going when the going gets tough. One of the reasons I created Fire Your Inner Critic, Find Your Inner Badass and Finally Build Your Business, a community for aspiring entrepreneurs, is because I wanted to help new entrepreneurs build the ONE thing that will ensure their business success: their inner leadership. And your inner leadership won’t be strong if you have a powerful inner critic running the show.

2. Lack of clarity

Are you clear on the outcomes you want to achieve in your business? This week? This month? This year? Are you tracking your progress? When things go wrong, do you panic and think about closing your business… or do you dive in deeper and evaluate your strategy and try something new?

Without clarity, there is no forward movement.

3. Lack of certainty

To successfully build a business, you have to be ABSOLUTELY certain that you can, you will and you must build this successful business. Why? Because without absolute certainty, you’ll wiffle-waffle, change your mind, flip flop and waiver during the hard times. Without certainty, when you attempt to market and sell your products and services, you’ll come across less persuasive, not as certain and the potential client won’t say yes to your offer.

4. Lack of consistency

In business, consistency is king. A lack of consistency feeds insecurity. It feeds your doubts. The more consistent you are, the more powerful you feel. The more powerful you feel, the more you’ll continue taking daily, massive action. Consistency feeds certainty. When you do what you say you’re going to do, not only do you create a history of hustle for yourself but you show up powerfully to your potential clients and customers. People notice the results of consistency in your business.

And all of the four things above boil down to two issues: you’re stuck and you lack the right amount of business focus on the right activities in your business.

So how do you get unstuck and refocused?

3 things:

1. Accept where you are as a challenge

The Universe loves to see whether you REALLY want what you say you want. Remember The Alchemist and the concept of the Universe conspiring in your favor? Here’s the missing piece to that: before the Universe conspires in your favor, the Universe is going to test you to see if what you say you want is REALLY what you want.

Rather than looking at your stuckness as an abyss that you’ll never get out of, see this as a gauntlet thrown down by the Universe- a challenge that’s asking you to let your best self show up to win… and then watch as the Universe conspires in your favor.

2. Listen to words of encouragement, faith and spirituality

The way you wake up, what you wake up to, and what you listen to throughout the day has power to create in your life. It might seem like an insignificant thing but take a moment and ask yourself this question: what’s going on in the background of your life? When you watch TV or listen to music, what are you listening to? Do you have the news on 24/7? Are you listening to sad love songs?

What you allow in your head manifests in your life.

Create a Spotify playlist of empowering music. Create an Inspiration YouTube playlist (you can find my Inspiration YouTube playlist →HERE←) and start and end your day listening to motivational videos. Subscribe to podcasts on iTunes that remind you WHY you can’t give up, why this business is meant for you and why you need to keep going. Surround yourself with the words, sounds, videos, music and podcasts that keep you in a state of inspired action. This small step will literally change the game on your level of business success.

3. Ask yourself one question

Whenever you feel stuck and unfocused, ask yourself one question:

What’s the next step to my Plan A?

Notice I didn’t include a Plan B. A lot of stuckness comes from having all of these backup plans that exist as shadow plans in your life. You may not refer to them. You may not focus on them but because you still have them, they exist as opt-out options for you building a successful business.

No, the other plans need to go away. As Tony Robbins put it, “Burn the boats so you can take the island.”

At the end of the day, rather than trying to figure out how the entire plan of your business is going to work, focus on the next step: What’s the next step to my Plan A? And then get up, right here, right now, and take that next step immediately.

Massive action in the now wins every time.

And don’t take an immediate action and then expect an immediate result. You are planting seeds and nurturing soil in your business right now. Forget about the result. Put ALL of you into the daily massive action. The results will take care of themselves…

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